Sussanne Morton

​​                The Inspirations of a flower painter

  'Longing for You' in Situ, Denmark
       Oil on Canvas 180 cm x 120 cm
"I delight in the beauty of flowers.
They enchant me. The colours and patterns.
The movement of petals in a gentle breeze. 
Like dancers under a glowing spotlight, performing with the music of the sun. 

Their fragrance fills the air and takes me back to another time, another place. A distant memory.
As little girl playing in a tulip patch in Denmark, where I discovered their beauty and fragility as I trampled the garden bed in delight.

As a young girl in Australia. Happy memories as I run with my sisters in an old country garden playing in the sun.

Throughout the seasons, I explore gardens to capture moments of beauty. 
 When the sunlight and shadows dance in perfect harmony to create the images I transpose onto canvas.
An image of a magic moment heralding the changing light as it plays amongst the petals of beautiful blooms."