Artist Statement

I am fascinated by the effect that flowers have on the human psyche.

With the power to convey or incite profound human emotions, be it love, grief, happiness or gratitude. Flowers can affect our mood and influence our behaviour in such a positive way.

In much the same way perfume can evoke a memory from the past, flowers too can have such an effect on the subconscious mind. I find the memory triggers delightful as they take me back to wonderful times in my past.

Working with flowers is a process that starts in a garden or flower fields. Gathering my inspiration outdoors allows me to capture moments in natural daylight. The wonderful dance of sunlight and shadows at play, enhance the natural beauty of the bloom.

My love of flowers began as a young girl playing in our garden in Denmark. Even now, my senses can still recall the heady, sweet peppery perfume of the wild – ‘Rosa Rugosa’ that grew amongst the dunes on the beach.